We must reframe the discussion on Alzheimer’s disease

We’re at a pivot point in Alzheimer’s drug development, and we mustn’t let history slow us down


BioCentury 11 September 2023 6:21 PM GMT+2

Recent progress in Alzheimer’s disease research has created a unique opportunity.

We now have the chance to pave the way to two goals that seem plausible for the first time: halting the progression of this insidious disease and preventing it from developing in the first place. But achieving these revolutionary goals will require changing attitudes among investors, physicians, payers and the public.

The debate about the clinical meaningfulness and safety of the first anti-β-amyloid therapies to reach the market is a distraction that threatens to slow the progress needed to get to the next generation of therapies. Rather than continue to let the conversation be mired in historical baggage, industry should take a leading role in reframing the discussion.

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